Translate PrestaShop with Pluglin

PrestaShop is one of the most used e-commerce online platforms worldwide, with more than 700,000 installations. It’s a very comprehensive solution, which has the support of a large community of developers as well as being a free e-commerce platform. PrestaShop is a more comprehensive solution than Shopify or WordPress and easier and cheaper than Magento, which makes it a very attractive solution for thousands of e-commerce businesses across the world.

PrestaShop has a service which offers the e-commerce platform already translated to more than 75 languages, but only the back office, theme and module texts. Just like Magento or Shopify, it doesn’t have an integrated system which allows your contents to be translated. If you want to translate your PrestaShop store to different languages, you should choose an application from a provider to help you with this task. Pluglin is the most comprehensive and easiest application which allows you to translate your PrestaShop store to all the languages you choose, both machine translation and 100% professional translation. You decide what best suits your requirements.
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Advantages of translating PrestaShop with Pluglin

  • Quick and easy installation, completely guided.
  • Pluglin maintains your designs and functionality of your store in each language.
  • Translate all the PrestaShop content: themes, templates, products, collections, emails.
  • Completely efficient, it doesn’t add tables, formats or extra code.
  • Automate translation tasks to be more productive and quicker
  • SEO optimization for each language.
  • Automatic detection of the source language for each customer.
  • You choose machine translation or professional translation.
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced neural algorithms of deep learning in order to carry out a machine translation.
  • +5000 certified professional translators from over 120 countries
  • Constant quality control with dual automatic and professional revision
  • Over 350 language pairs
  • Support for all kinds of languages, including those from right to left
  • Support for translating images
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    Pluglin is fully integrated with PrestaShop

    How do I translate PrestaShop?

    PrestaShop is prepared for you to be able to create your store in several languages, you just have to indicate the languages you want your e-commerce to be available in and with this you’ll have the back office, theme and module texts wholly translated. Later, it remains to translate all your content on your own: categories, products, marketing texts, email templates... for each language.

    Your texts to be translated are located at different locations within the PrestaShop structure. In addition, on many occasions they’re mixed with fragments of PrestaShop’s internal code and it’s a fairly tedious task. Plugin helps translate your store transparently and easily without you having to worry about any step of the process.

    When you install the language pack on the copy of your store, the following contents will be translated automatically:

    • The template texts of PrestaShop themes.
    • The control/ administration panel for your store.
    • Error messages.
    • The texts of the installed external modules.
    • PDFs automatically created by PrestaShop, invoices, delivery notes, etc.
    • Email templates.

    These translations from PrestaShop aren’t professional, they are free translations done by volunteers. Not all content is translated to all languages and they’re not always translated well.

    It remains to translate all the personalized content of your store, for which you don’t have the support of PrestaShop. This is mainly the following content

    • Product catalogue information
    • Collections
    • Email templates
    • Subject texts
    • Store webpages
    • Images: title and alt tags.
    • etc.

    Pluglin will help you both with machine translation and the professional translation of all your web contents on PrestaShop.

    You’ll have your PrestaShop store completely and efficiently translated to the languages you choose without the need for any knowledge of the PrestaShop platform. Then you can very easily edit and adapt the translations according to your requirements.

    PrestaShop translation 100% optimized for SEO

    Completely automatic, we respect all your original SEO rules and codification isn’t required. Our SEO management guarantees the following SEO functionality:
    • Creation of unique URLs.
    • Translation of “title” and “description” metatags.
    • Hreflang tag management.
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