Optimize the time and money you dedicate to translating your contents by 90%

The fastest and most effective way to translate your website. It allows you to simplify and optimize your translation processes and control your content in real time.

Both for machine translation and professional translation.
Connected platforms

Maximum quality machine and professional translation

Comprehensive translation solution integrated with your e-commerce, together with the best machine translation technology and certified professional translators who only translate into their native language.
  • Translate all your web content: themes, templates, products, articles, emails...
  • Your multilingual content is always up to date.
  • You choose whether you’d like machine translation or professional translation.
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced neural algorithms for deep learning in order to carry out a machine translation.
  • +5000 certified professional translators from over 120 countries
  • Constant quality control with dual automatic and professional revision
  • Over 350 language pairs

Efficiency and simplicity

Efficient and simple translation process so you have complete control and obtain top quality Transparent and competitive translation rates.
  • Quick and easy installation, completely guided.
  • 100% manageable by the user at all levels, including the product level
  • Centralizes the whole management of your translations on a single platform.
  • Fully integrated with your website.
  • Simplified, optimal and always monitored translation process.
  • Pluglin maintains the design and functionality of your store in each language.
  • Completely efficient, it doesn’t add tables, extra code formats.
  • Intuitive control panel for complete control of your translations.


Designed to optimize your time and the translation cost; we’ll automatically obtain all the data to be translated and return it translated, in the same format, without you having to intervene in the process.
  • Automate translation tasks to be more productive and quicker
  • Edit, modify and control the contents in each language.
  • Automatically translate any new content you add.
  • Use glossaries and memories to optimize your memories.
  • Find and replace texts in your translations
  • SEO optimization for each language.
  • Automatic detection of the source language for each customer.
  • We add a language selector.
  • Import / Export your translations

Translate your content into over 300 languages

Quick and easy installation

We integrate with your website and manage its creation in the language you choose.

Transforming your website into a multilingual website will be quick and easy if you leave it in the hands of Pluglin. You simply install it, and Pluglin will automatically detect your web content and translate it in less than 5 minutes.

Simplified translation processes

Pluglin's control panel offers an intuitive way of managing all your translations and allows you to make the changes you want for each language.

Automate translation tasks to be more productive and quick. With our Pluglin integration, you save time and your multi-language content will always be up to date. You’ll be much more productive and competitive.

Easy to manage.

Manage your translations from start to finish in one single app. Everything functions the same, Pluglin maintains your designs and features of your store or contents in each language.

We take care of everything so having a multi-language website is very easy.

Centralize the complete management of your translations on a single platform, always up to date and with immediate access to all your information.

Greater visibility

If your store is SEO optimized, we’ll keep the same SEO optimizations so your store remains correctly indexed in all languages, with which the visibility of your store will be multiplied by every language you add.
  • Creation of unique URLs.
  • Translations of “title” and “description” metatags.
  • Hreflang tag management.
  • Use of country-specific domains.
If you have any questions, write to us at hola@pluglin.com