Translate Zendesk Guide with Pluglin

Zendesk Guide allows end users to be provided with a complete self-service option and agents the ability to better serve their customers. A support centre can be made with Guide, creating a support site, knowledge base, community and customer portal.
End users can use the information from the knowledge base or turn to the community (where available) to get answers. If they don’t find them, they can send a request to an agent. Agents can use the knowledge base to help resolve tickets more quickly.
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Advantages of translating Zendesk with Pluglin

  • Quick and easy installation, completely guided.
  • Pluglin maintains the design, format and images in each language.
  • Translate all the Zendesk content: categories, sections and articles.
  • Automate translation tasks to be more productive and quicker
  • SEO optimization for each language.
  • Automatic detection of the source language for each customer.
  • You choose machine translation or professional translation.
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced neural algorithms for deep learning in order to carry out a machine translation.
  • +5000 certified professional translators from over 120 countries
  • Constant quality control with dual automatic and professional revision
  • Over 350 language pairs
  • Support for all kinds of languages, including those from right to left
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How do I translate Zendesk?

Pluglin offers you a complete solution for translating your knowledge base on Zendesk Guide. You’ll have all your contents translated in the simplest way.
  • Category tree. We’ll automatically translate and maintain the translations of the names and category descriptions.
  • Section tree. Just like with the categories, we’ll automatically translate and maintain translations of the names and descriptions of the sections of your knowledge base.
  • Articles.We’ll translate the title and content of articles, maintaining the format and images.

Zendesk translation 100% optimized for SEO

Completely automatic, we respect all your original SEO rules and codification isn’t required. Our SEO management guarantees the following SEO functionality:
  • Creation of unique URLs.
  • Hreflang tag management.
  • SEO terminology management in target languages.
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