Translate Shopify with Pluglin

Shopify is the most popular online stores platform in the world, in fact, Shopify is the most used system of online shops worldwide, with more than one and a half million active stores.

If you want to translate your Shopify store into different languages, you should choose a third-party application to help you with this task.Pluglin is the easiest and most comprehensive application, which allows you to translate your Shopify store to all the languages you choose, both machine translation and 100% professional translation. You decide what best suits your requirements.
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Advantages of translating Shopify with Pluglin

  • Quick and easy installation, completely guided.
  • Pluglin maintains your designs and functionality of your store in each language.
  • Translate all the Shopify content: themes, templates, products, articles, emails.
  • Completely efficient, it doesn’t add tables, formats or extra code.
  • Automate translation tasks to be more productive and quicker
  • SEO optimization for each language.
  • Automatic detection of the source language for each customer.
  • We add a language selector.
  • You choose whether you’d like a machine translation or professional translation.
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced neural algorithms for deep learning in order to carry out a machine translation.
  • +5000 certified professional translators from over 120 countries
  • Constant quality control with dual automatic and professional revision
  • Over 350 language pairs
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Pluglin is fully integrated with Shopify

How do I translate Shopify?

Pluglin offers you a complete translation solution for Shopify. You’ll have your texts translated in the simplest way.
  • Platform texts of the Shopify store: control panel (back office), texts regarding Shopify features, etc.
  • ”Theme” texts or Shopify templates: texts regarding usability, menus and buttons, shopping cart and check-out
  • Contents: “product catalogue”, text pages, products, emails to customers... These texts are the core of your store and it’s here where the majority of content to be translated on Shopify is.
  • Third-party applications. The content of other applications in the pages of your Shopify store.

Shopify translation 100% optimized for SEO

Completely automatic, we respect all your original SEO rules and codification isn’t required. Our SEO management guarantees the following SEO functionality:
  • Creation of unique URLs.
  • Translation of “title” and “description” metatags.
  • Hreflang tag management.
  • Use of country-specific domains.
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