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We convert your audio/video into text within minutes.
Pluglin uses Artificial Intelligence and advanced deep learning neural networks to recognize voice automatically. We automatically transcribe video and audio conversations in 150 languages.
Upload your video/audio file and obtain your transcripts within minutes.
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Convert any audio or video to text with accuracy. Make the content of your audios/videos searchable and share this content in text form. Get subtitles for your videos synchronized with the images through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

We use Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning throughout the process.

Automatic format recognition. Just the audio input will suffice. We will automatically recognize the format, encoding, and sampling rate.
Transcription. We offer maximum accuracy, automatically transcribing video and audio conversations in 150 languages, automatically adding punctuation marks.
Subtitling. We provide the text and synchronize it with the images, while respecting the current subtitling standards.

For each video or audio, we generate a plain text file with the transcript of the audios and a subtitles file in VTT, SRT, and SBV (YouTube) formats.

1,99 € every 10 minutes
Your audio/video in text form. Upload your file, and we will return the text with the transcription.
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